The main attraction of Poltava city is its women, for sure! ;-) No man will remain indifferent to seeing so many beautiful ladies strolling the streets well-dressed and wearing high-hills.

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Poltava is a great city to visit and is a very hospitable place. The visitors of Poltava can choose any accommodation for their stay. There are many options to choose from in Poltava.

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About Poltava

Poltava is a very lively city with the population of over 300 000 people. Walking along the city, you will be amazed by its gorgeous architecture and its well-preserved architectural monuments.

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I admit, when I registered on your site, was extremely skeptical in relation to dating online. On the site people come with very different needs. So I really used all your hints to find a partner. Search is effective only when you know what your purpose is and how pure your thoughts are. My goal was to create a family and the same aim had Irina. Coincided our lifestyle and interests, both of us liked beekeeping. On the site, both registered in the spring of 2014, the first time phoned in July, and the first meeting happened in August.

I like Irina at first sight. The meeting was at my apiary, where she came to learn from my experience in beekeeping. After that, I came to visit her. We started together to farm and married December 31, 2015. Now we happily live together. On this website there are a great number of Nikolaev Ukrainian women, and one of them was my destiny.

If you really want to meet love for all your love, you should make some efforts . And now, I want to share some important advice that I have learned from the website.

  • The main quality that women are looking in men is kindness. Without this quality anyone has no chance to build a happy, loving family. Every woman wants almost the same – love, reciprocity, respect and harmony.
  • The individuality of men. It is important to be yourself. It’s not a secret that women do not like overly obsessive person, too talkative, hypocritical, materialistic and arrogant.
  • Every woman wants to be weak at the same time seeks the ways how to subdue the man. That’s why man should understand that. And every girl who will respond to you, who will provide you the signs of attention, will expect the same in return.
  • One more thing you need to remember that girls are just like you, with the same emotions and feelings. That’s why do not abuse her and never lie to her, as it hurts the lady so much.
  • Try not to get into «friend zone». Be a good friend to her, but at the same time try to avoid falling in the «friend zone».
  • The ability to help and support a woman is one more advantage. Maintain her beginnings and try to be as useful to her as it is possible.
  • Get rid of all your doubts and fears and start acting. Make the first step and ask the lady you like for the date, bring her flowers or say the words of adoration. Be a leader. You should always remain the leader in the relationship.
  • These women are actively improving themselves, they do not want to live as a regular customer, and this is the correct position. That’s why a man also should develop himself not only physically but also mentally. Show that you are educated person. Tell her what books you like, how you feel about the arts, etc. Develop yourself, read books, learn different languages and only then it will be interesting for the woman to spend time with you.

These are some interesting facts about the relationship with girl and what is needed to do in order to become happy husband of beautiful Ukrainian women. These ladies are serious about marriage and the family, and they are looking for a future husband that will lead to the creation of family relations. Do not lose the hope and continue searching for your love in any situation.

How to Propose for Marriage